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New Post has been published on Model Robyn Lawley shares selfies without makeup or Photoshop  Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley shares selfies without makeup or Photoshop
Famous “plus-size” model Robyn Lawley is the latest celebrity to go makeup and Photoshop-free in the ongoing trend to promote body-acceptance. Despite appearing ‘normal’ in the Instagram photo, featured above, Lawley has never been shy about being her natural self.
Promoting her personal clothing line, Robyn Lawley Swimwear which focuses on swimsuits for plus-sized women, Lawley regularly shares photos of herself clad in a bikini. Though the admission that this particular photo is not retouched at all, could imply the rest of them are. This isn’t a concern for Lawley, however, as she has been a poster girl for body-acceptance since the start of her career.
“I think I’m so outspoken because if I had someone to look up to at that age, I would have been able to handle it better,” she told last year in regards to the pressure of dieting.
First gaining attention 2012, Lawley was the first “plus-size” model to ever appear in Vogue Australia in the publication’s 52-year history. She later made national headlines when she became the first “plus-size” for Ralph Lauren.

While many find it impossible to believe Lawley’s stunning figure is at all “plus-size,” she’s actually a size 12 (Australian 16), standing at 6’2″. The national average female size is 14, and according to Lawley, fashion designers usually never feature a model above a size 2. Web MD reports that that the ‘average starlet’ is either a size 2 or 4, and are the typical sample sizes for designers.
Lawley included the hashtag #retouchandmakeupfree, perhaps asking her more than 55,000 Instagram followers to join in the movement

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New Post has been published on PerceptionsIf you don’t know who Robyn Lawley is and you just happen to stumble upon pictures of her, what you’re going to see is a very beautiful girl looking slim, long, lean and healthy. Even so, she certainly doesn’t personify the stereotypes assigned to fashion models—descriptions such as skinny, stick-thin and emaciated.
Because she’s not a “regular” fashion model. Lawley is a “plus-size” model. And that label has had many people scratching their heads. When the 6-foot-2 Australian beauty Instagrammed a photo of herself in a bikini with the tag, #retouchandmakeupfree, followers immediately took to the comments section to express their bewilderment and disagreement with the fashion industry’s definition of “plus-size.”
Plus-size model Robyn
Lawley veers away
from the stick-thin
stereotype assigned
to modelsLawley typically fits into Australian size 14/16 clothing.
Wikipedia says that plus-size “is a general term given to clothing proportioned specifically for people around size 16 and up in U.S. In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 12-24, super size as sizes 4X-6X and extended size as 7X and up.”
In a Huffington Post interview in February, Hayley Hasselhoff, herself a plus-size model, opined that “[a]t the end of the day, it just means ‘curvy.’ That’s why I think the word ‘plus-size’ in the industry is very different from people’s mind view of what ‘plus-size’ should really mean.”
But if “plus-size” is supposed to represent “normal size,” in contrast to “model size,” for the sake of fashion ideals, then the term itself is misleading, not to mention quite insulting and depressing, as public perception suggests. Reactions to Lawley’s Instagram post, which has been liked over 2,000 times as of this writing, with that sentiment include the following:
Lawley for GQ Australia
November 2013“If u are plus size I’m a whale…this world is sick.”
“I actually can’t believe she’s a plus sized model? no wonder I always feel shit about my bod if this is considered plus sized!”
“How is this a plus size?! WTH.”
“She’s only calling herself plus sized because that’s what the modeling industry says she is. She’s beautiful regardless of what size she’s classified as. The modeling industry just needs to stop calling size 8 and above plus sized.”
“All models are so skinny, and their ribs show, which if your naturally skinny, then your beautiful, but all models shouldn’t be so skinny… Now all little girls want to starve to be skinny which is the new beautiful. Curves are beautiful, and just cause your not a twig doesn’t make you fat. I wish their were more models like you, with womanly curves. Every size is beautiful and I’m tired of seeing nothing but skinny girls. Why can’t every size be model material?”

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New Post has been published on Plus Size Modeling Self-Assesment TechniquesOn important thing that you must keep in mind if you’re interested in becoming a plus size model is that you must be comfortable in your own skin.
You will be expected to showcase clothing and merchandise in an impressive way which means you will have to take care of your body if you want modeling agencies to hire you.
If you want to become a model, modeling agencies are going to be seeking confidence along with a great personality. You have to be able to display these qualities through any actual plus size modeling work, for example runway modeling and also any photographic work. In case you are unsure whether or not you have the self-confidence to be a model, then it’s wise to consider going to a ‘model for a day’ photoshoot or something equivalent.
This will give you the opportunity to practice poses and have an understanding of just what it’s like to become a plus side model living their life in front of the camera. One addition of performing a practice modeling shoot is that you might be able to keep a few photos to use in your model portfolio. You should have an assortment of photographs inside your modeling portfolio, which includes a good full length body shop
Listed below are 3 strategies for gaining the interest of plus size modeling agencies and get your hopes for a modeling career up and running without delay.
1: Self-Assessment
Do you think plus size modeling is easy? You might want to reconsider. Being discovered is usually equally as competitive as the world of “traditional” modeling.
Take a peek in the mirror and ask yourself these questions: 
Do you have an attractive, but natural, visual appeal? Are you tall in height (this really is crucial for plus size models)?
Do you have tenaciousness to push through for your ambitions regardless of what happens?
If it is yes to all of these questions then feel free to move on…
2: Build your own personal Modeling Portfolio
A number of would-be plus size models consider that they must invest thousands of dollars on a dazzling portfolio to demonstrate off their skills, yet this really is not the case.
The main element to your beginning model portfolio images is that they are “natural”.  Exactly what does that mean? Absolutely no posing while you’re watching television. Nothing staged or fake. Just a few effortless, but stunning shots showing yourself…
How many pictures do you really need for your modeling portfolio?
At the very least, you should have 1 facial close-up then one full body shot (make sure you wear natural clothing you really feel comfortable in.) Having that much will assure that to get you off to a terrific starting point.
3: Get in touch with a variety of Modeling Agencies
Now that you have your portfolio put together what do you do now? Ideally the next phase for your modeling career is to make contact with reliable modeling agencies that do incorporate some form of specialized department within plus size modeling.
Just what do we suggest when we tell you a respected agency; it will be your task to research the reputation of prospective agencies if you prefer not to look at the list we’ve provided for you.
The next move to make would be to pick up the phone and contact the agency personally, (don’t even think about faxing or mailing) and find out if you possibly could schedule a meeting with the agency.
Once you attend for your scheduled appointment, be dressed in semi-casual attire that making you looks good, yet comfy.
Word of advice: an alternate way to rise above the crowd is check out an “open call.” Don’t be intimidated by all the people that are there with you. Simply “do your thing”, try to be confident, and in no time, you can definitely find yourself represented by a plus size modeling agency.
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