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New Post has been published on Plus Size Model Ali TateGender: Female
Height: 179cm/5’10.5″
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Brown
Bust: 36″ C/D
Waist: 81cm/32″
Hips:  109cm/43″
Dress: 42 EU/12 US/14 UK
Shoe: 42 EU/11 US/7.5 UK
Ali Tate is a former soccer player turned curvy model. Signed with Milk models, Ford, and Muse NYC.
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New Post has been published on Remarkable Ways to Enhance Your Beauty NaturallyPersonal appearance plays a very important role in your everyday life from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. Eating right, exercising and staying happy are not always enough when it comes to enhancing your beauty.
While going on a date, attending a party or a wedding you really need to get all dressed up for the occasion. Dressing up includes hair and make-up. We often forget that while these are the “obvious” ways to enhance our beauty, there are ways to simply enhance your “natural beauty” at the same time:
1. Your Smile
A great smile is worth a million bucks! People naturally feel closer to someone who flashes them a warm and sincere smile. However, healthy teeth and gums makes flashing that smile a whole lot better.
2.  Your Eyes
If the eyes are window into the soul, then they certainly deserve special attention. For many plus size women, their eyes are noted as one of their most beautiful assets. Think Kirstie Alley. How about some eyeliner and mascara to bring out your beautiful eyes? If you need glasses, then it’s certainly worth investing in a stylish set of frames.
3. Your Fingernails
A pair of well-manicured hands can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Whether you have your nails done by professionally or if you do them yourself, choose a color that compliment your complexion and use a polish that won’t chip.
4. Your Booty
Some prefer a large butt and some don’t, whichever you prefer… it can be quite sexy! Walking up stairs will help in working your booty muscles. You can use a set of stairs or get a stair stepper. The classic hourglass shape is what men are looking for, a large chest, wide hips and a somewhat smaller stomach. If you are blessed enough to have an hourglass figure then just about any type of clothing in your size will look great, even tight fitting jeans. Don’t hide that beautiful shape by wearing tent-like clothing!
5.  Your Skin
Smooth, blemish-free skin that has a healthy glow is extremely sexy. Keeping hydrated is a great way to keep your skin fresh and healthy. With hydrated skin, you will certainly look more attractive. Water is the best source to keep your skin hydrated but at times it is not sufficient. Good moisturizers are available which provide nourishment and softness to your skin.
6. Your Cleavage
Despite of popular belief, not all plus size woman is well endowed up top. However, if you got it, then don’t be shy about flaunting it. This feature is one of the main hallmarks of the hourglass figure.
7. Your Hair
Your hair can be your best asset. Relax it, Perm it, Add extensions or do whatever you like. Just do your best to make your hair look great. Also, don’t forget about the possibility of calling attention to your face with hats, especially during spring and summer.
8. Your Heart and Soul
Though this is not technically physical body parts, your heart and soul are absolutely your most important features! What good is a beautiful package that’s empty inside? Every human being should constantly and consistently be working to be a great person. This is what makes you interesting to others. And a kind heart is a huge turn on. Pride in your health and your appearance along with your intellectual and spiritual growth will go a long way towards making you irresistible to those around you!
New Post has been published on Plus Size Model: Bertina BaileyGender: Female
Ethnicity: African American
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5ft 5 in
Waist: 31
Diamonds & Pearls Couture and Star Boutique Fashion Show 5/10 (–Runway & Photography >F.A.M.E. (Fashion and Music Extravaganza) 4/10–Runway >Eleven 15 Events Bridal Show 4/10–Runway >Ladies Are Hustlers Too 3/10–Photography **featured model on website ( >Full & Fabulous Spring Fashion Show 3/10–Runway (Greenbriar Mall) >Styles Photos 3/10–Photography **featured model on website ( >Chazzie Shepherd 2/10–Photography **featured body paint model ( >Marlon Sheard Photography 1/10–Photography **featured model on website ( >Project Curve Appeal & Pink City Ent. Very Pink Christmas Expo 12/09–Runway ( >Project Curve Appeal & Pink City Ent. 3rd Annual Bachelorette & Bachlor Expo 9/09–Runway ( >Spokesmodel for Pink City Entertainment since 7/09**featured Face on website ( >Ashley Stewart Fashion Show 9/09–Runway (Mall West End) >Venus Revolution Model 6/09–Photography **featured in The Body of Art Book (
Credit: Model Mayhem
New Post has been published on 3-Step Journey to Becoming a Plus Size ModelYour first step into the world of plus size modeling can be intimidating. But if you’re truly interested in being a plus size model and you have the height and figure that modeling agencies are seeking, then you definitely need to audition to search for modeling jobs that can help you start your career as a model.
1. Look for Inspiration
Start out your plus size modeling career through checking out the many plus models that are already working and succeeding as your motivation. Be inspired from the way they prevailed and became well-known in their careers.
Keep in mind that finding a modeling job can be difficult in the beginning. Sometimes you might even be compelled to participate in free fashion shows and even commercial projects in order to add something to your modeling portfolio.
2. Be Inquisitive 
The crucial element in exploring into plus size modeling is being inquisitive. Being inquisitive means that you genuinely wish to know more about the career you will be developing. Remember that plus size modeling is an area of the fashion industry. So, you will need to be open minded and inspiring the most effective way you can, primarily for voicing out your creative ideas.
3. Decide on a Strong Modeling Agency to Join
Your next and most crucial factor will be to choose an agency where you can begin your plus size modeling career. These agencies can help you with networking and locating modeling jobs. Take the time to assess each modeling agency you might want to be part of.
Ford Models is considered to be one of the most prime modeling agencies in the international fashion scene. Being part of the Ford Models will make you rich and famous. Though it does not really focus on its plus-size modeling division, it makes one known through the agency’s brand.
You may want to start with your local plus size modeling agencies that we’ve provided for you here to get your foot in the door but you should know there are also some of the top modeling agencies in the world have plus size divisions as well:
•Dorothy Combs Models typically requires models to be of a height of at least beginning at 5’9”.  You will also be required to fit in clothing in sizes 10 and above.
•Wilhelmina Curve Division employs plus size models via its onshore and overseas offices. It is additionally one of many most well-known and extraordinary modeling agencies that ambitious models just like you should admire.
In the United States, the plus size division generally will start if your size exceeds a size 6. So, this does not necessarily mean you need to be “large” to be regarded as plus size in the modeling industry. There are models which are presently thought to be plus size even though they don’t have considerable curves.

New Post has been published on Plus Size Model: Amanda OxfordGender: Female
Quote: “I’m comfortable in my skin. I love my curves and could never ever imagine being smaller than a size 14. I love that every day I get to show people that plus-size models are beautiful, strong, and just like every other women out there. That’s what I love about me”

Photo Credit: Judgment of Paris
New Post has been published on Plus Size Model Crystal Renn on Loving YourselfWhen Crystal Renn started out in the modeling world, she starved herself in order to suit the industry standard. She then had a revelation and decided to start eating once again, became a size 16 and now has the entire world at her feet.
Yet Crystal Renn resembles an ordinary woman, however an extremely gorgeous one. Plus she does not look like a size 16. She hears this quite a bit. In her book Hungry, she talks about the frequent trills coming from editors and stylists that she encounters who tell her, using a compliment, that she does not “look fat”. “It’s simply bizarre,” she writes, “that ‘normal’ is the new overweight.” With her abundant locks, perfect skin and fleshy shape, in her photoshoots Crystal Renn brings to imagination a conventional statue. She really is stocked full with incredible guidance for you to live a triumphant existence,
Therefore, chill and revel in 2 minutes of extremely treasured help and advice from the woman whose physique is without a doubt transforming the face of fashion.

Crystal Renn on Loving Yourself No Matter What Your Size

Crystal Renn Quotes
“We can always find each other, we girls with secrets.”― Crystal Renn
‘I’d love to see [the fashion industry] open their eyes to the variety of women. That variety is what’s beautiful.
Current sample sizes that models are all expected to fit into are ridiculous, a US size zero or British size 4 is the standard. They should go up to a British size 16.
‘I’m not saying all models should be size 16, but bigger dresses can be pinned and adjusted, while tiny size zero clothes can’t really be changed. It means all these models starve themselves, like I did, to fit them.’
― Crystal Renn
“We women are a lot more powerful if we see ourselves as fighters on the same side. But it’s easier to judge others – their choices and their bodies – than to think about the struggles we share.”
― Crystal Renn
New Post has been published on Size Model On the Rise: Alina KartleyGender: Female
I am a registered nurse and model who is looking for a plus size modeling opportunity! I enjoy challenges and learning new skills. I look forward to a modeling chapter in my life. I am looking for work in the modeling industry.
New Post has been published on Many Times Will Target Fail Plus Size Women?Sometimes certain stores just get you, you know? I’m talking about the stores that are there for you when you need them (hello, retail job!) and the stores that always have your back. (Seventy percent off rack when my bank account is struggling? Perfect.) But fashion blogger Chastity Garner of GarnerStyle recently penned a breakup letter to one of her former loves when she decided to boycott Target over its Joseph Altuzarra collaboration because, once again, the brand didn’t bother to include plus-size options for shoppers.
After Target revealed that it would release its next designer collab with Altuzarra, I admit that I was blindly excited. I gushed over the lookbook that was released last week, and admired the craftsmanship and designer quality that is consistently being brought to an accessible and relatively affordable store such as Target. But as a plus-size woman, Garner’s letter spoke to me and brought me back to the reality of the exclusion of plus-size women from an otherwise accessible market. So I am joining Chastity Garner and many other plus-size women who are vowing to #boycottTarget.
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Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images
New Post has been published on to Get Creative and Make the Most of Your Office Wardrobe  The majority of women in general find it difficult looking for suits that fit properly and have a style that fits their attitude, but curvy women have it the most challenging. When it comes to pant suits or even skirt suits, curvy women have the least variety of alternatives, both in superior quality and style.
Many department stores only have a couple of different styles; actually it’s an issue for curvy women to get enough suits to carry them through a full work week. This is when creativeness is necessary because with the right amount of blending different garments, it’s possible to produce an amazing amount of outfits using only a couple of pieces.
What you need to have
The purpose of this exercise is to create the largest clothing collection possible when it comes to distinctly different outfits. it’s not to be mistaken for having a large amount of clothes, the truth is if this is executed the right way 3 skirts, 3 suits, 3 pairs of pants and 5 blouses could easily create as many as 18 base suits and/or sport coat trouser combinations as well as 50 individual outfits, which means it might be possible to go for 2 working months without having to repeat a single pairing. The objective here is versatility.
Begin with patterned and/or textured suits. Understated designs will give your suit far more flexibility as it can be worn as separates and even paired with a larger selection of underpinnings. Get sophisticated tweed to add to your outfit.
Match this with flat and solid colored slacks and skirts. Taking the jacket and combining it together with pants and skirts, as separates, gives you a lot more distinctive outfits which goes over and above the basic pant suit or skirt suit.
Always opt for suits and separates which follow the same lines. In case your suit is a slim fit modern suit, match it along with a modern pair of pants. If it is a wide leg type suit, match this with an “A line” skirt. This might be a little tricky to find, if you would like to minimize your shopping time, custom suits might be something to think about. Pairing clothing having similar lines of design provides an impressive and more streamlined look when you combine them together.
Mix your base suits with complementing and contrasting tops. Rotate your blouses as necessary can give the illusion of a much larger wardrobe. For instance a dark grey suit paired with a white shirt works as a totally different look than the very same dark grey jacket top paired with a khaki trouser and a yellow shirt.
The most important thing to remember when you are shopping is to be flexible. Blending your pant suits and skirt suits together with separates will help you increase and take full advantage of your curves and your work clothes.
Photo Credit: Macy’s
New Post has been published on Beauty Tips for Airplane Travel I HAVEN’T been on a long haul flight in a while, but I’ve been on flights lately that lasted three or four hours. Even these medium haul flights, no matter how big the plane or comfortable the seat, can cause skin issues due to the horribly dry air inside the cabin.
Here are a few tips for airplane skin care and beauty:
1. Exfoliate skin the night before a flight. This will remove dead skin cells that could cause flakiness caused by dry airplane air.
2. Follow with a super-hydrating moisturizer. Look for one that has hyaluronic acid in it, especially for long haul flights.
3. Applying foundation before a flight can be tricky. It could become patchy because of the dryness. Switch to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, which are also easier to reapply when it’s time to deplane.
4. Airplane air can cause havoc on your tresses. Prevent major dryness or static hair by deep-conditioning before the flight. Try carrying a small tube of leave-in conditioner among your liquids if your hair is really prone to dryness.
5.  Having a small bottle of rose water or witch hazel toner is a quick and easy way to feel refreshed and rehydrated throughout the flight.
6. Bring hand and body lotion to stay moisturized all over. Don’t forget to slather it on hands and feet on a medium or long haul flight.
7. Don’t forget lip balm!
8.  If you wear contact lenses, airplane air will dry them out even more quickly. I do not wear my contact lenses for flights any longer than one hour because it’s just too uncomfortable. If you want to have your contacts on before you leave the plane, have your contact lens case and lens solution in your allowed bag of hand-carried liquids and put them on before landing.
9.  Even if you don’t wear contact lenses, eye drops are a good thing to carry if your eyes are prone to redness or dryness.
10.  If you need to look put-together as soon as you exit the plane, apply makeup a little while before landing. Opt for cream blush and highlighter to bring some dewiness to your skin.
11. Remember not to spray a cloud of perfume in your seat that could irritate other passengers. Freshen up fragrance in the lavatory or after exiting the plane instead.
12. If hair has been flattened beyond hope, put it up in a ponytail or French braid.
13.  Do your regular skin care routine after you get off the plane, before bedtime. If skin has really dried out, use a heavier moisturizer than usual or use a moisturizing mask.
14.  Lastly, don’t forget the very simple but important thing of staying hydrated throughout the flight. Drink more water than you think you need. Getting up for trips to the bathroom will help your circulation, too!
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